︎Graphic Designer

  1. Sugar Kane
  2. The Globetrotter
  3. comm·une
  4. Taking to the Air
  5. EVERPRESS 50/50
  6. CREPE CITY Magazine
  7. Simulations
  8. Chlorine
  9. Anodyne
  10. Research

  1. Turbulence
  2. Mono No Aware
  3. Untitled
  4. Echoes
  5. Just for a Day
  6. Reprise
  7. Good Evening

Providing services for various graphic and visual requirements, such as:
  1. Books
  2. Editorial
  3. Printed Matter
  4. Identities
  5. Art Direction
  6. Websites & Digital

  1. Owner of Native, an
    independent publishing imprint.
  2. Graduate from the MA Book Design program at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, UoG.

Ashmolean Museum
British Library
Design Museum



1. Sugar Kane

Client: Sugar Kane
Brand Design, Art Direction
A3 Poster, Social Media Assets

Sugar Kane is a small baking business that provides services for local cafés, private events and personal occasions.


2. The Globetrotter

Client: British Library
Book Design
Hardback, 256pp
165 × 241mm

In the mid-nineteenth century, as new routes opened up, a new generation of travellers embarked on excursions to India, China and Japan. Globetrotters – leisure tourists with a keen interest in experiencing authentic culture – flocked to the East, casting aside preconceptions and gravitating towards what they hoped to be the unchanged landscapes and traditions of Eastern cultures.

They proudly returned with accounts that presented a global East, challenging public assumptions about the cultures they had visited and charting a journey of self-transformation through travel.’


3. comm·une

Client: comm·une
Brand Design, Art Direction
Logotype, A3 Posters, Postcards, Social Media Assets

Established in East London, comm·une is a collective of musicians, artists and DJs who aim to connect the surrounding community through a set of nights, creative workshops and film screenings. Engagements include events at the Dance Tunnel in Dalston, House of Vans, the Rio cinema in Dalston and Dimensions Festival in Croatia. 

4. Taking to the Air

Client: British Library
Book Design
Hardback, 224pp
165 × 241mm

‘Taking to the Air tells the history of flight through the eye of the spectator, and later, the passenger. Focusing on moments of great cultural impact, this book is a visual celebration of the wonder of flight, based on the large and diverse collection of print imagery held by the British Library.’


5. EVERPRESS 50/50


Design Direction, Layout
Leaflet/Foldout A3 Poster, Social Media Assets, Tote Bag

For centuries, censorship has been used by those in power as a tool to control and silence. It has forever gone hand in hand with the struggle for freedom of speech and expression. Today, the internet and social media offer new possibilities, renewing the need to force censorship into the spotlight. Through 50/50, Everpress brings together 50 artists from around the world to discuss one topic through their artwork, expressed through the medium of T-shirts.